Course Structure


About Us

King Kong Theatrics is a new Youth Theatre Company based in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs dedicated to producing quality youth productions. 

 Students aged 10-18 are invited to take part in weekly rehearsals (over 2 terms) run by industry professionals and experienced teachers, who are the top of their field. At the end of the program students have the opportunity to perform in a Broadway Show at a theatre with all the bells and whistles! 

 King Kong Theatrics not only offers an exciting performance opportunity, but also provides students with the skills to become an elite performer. Students will have the chance to develop and explore skills in drama, singing and dance. As the students rehearse to put on a musical, they will also be encouraged to build on their self-confidence, collaborative skills and self-discipline.  

 Most importantly we strive to help young people be their best possible self by providing a platform in which they feel safe to explore creative endeavours and build respectful relationships with other students with the same interest and passion. 


Course Structure

Over the duration of the course, students will participate in weekly rehearsals as we prepare to put on our musical! When the course begins, students will be taught audition technique in a safe and calm environment. If students wish, they can then audition for one of the major roles. Every student enrolled will be part of the production. 

Students will then rehearse all the different aspects of putting on a musical. They will develop the different characters found in the musical and explore how dance, music and drama can shape the story. Students will be encouraged make strong choices in regards to how the final musical will be presented. 

As production week looms, students will get to rehearse in the theatre and experience what goes on behind the scenes of a live performance. Finally, students will get to perform in a real theatre with lights, costume make up and a supportive audience.  

Currently, the course only has space for 30 enrolments, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. 

Download the Information Booklet below for full information!


Course Information

Age Group: Grade 3+

Rehearsal Venue: Roberts McCubbin Primary School (Performing Arts Room) 

Rehearsal Dates: Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 (If playing a lead role, student may be asked to come half an hour earlier) 

Cost: $560 - This works out to be approximately $26 per 2 hour rehearsal. Overall the students will be rehearsing for 2 terms and there will be around 25 rehearsals/shows. At the end of the process students will perform the show at a theatre with costumes and set. The company has also hired a Lighting Designer and Sound Technicians who help bring the show to fruition.